Spring Cleaning? Closet First!

If you’re anything like us, our closet could always use a little TLC. We think in order to look and feel our best, it all starts with being calm and collected in the closet. What use is that gorgeous new top if you can’t find it when you’re getting dressed in the morning? Your well curated wardrobe deserves better than being hidden behind an old jacket you have not worn since college.


Haven't worn it in a year? GET RID OF IT!

Get rid of your old clothes! We know it is hard. ALL those memories. ALL those times you'll never get back. You don't want to hurt their feeli....Wait, clothes don't have feelings. TOSS THEM! Or, better yet, for those pieces you truly love and are still holding up well, donate them. 

If you have had it on that list of "I'll take it to the cleaners to fix that zipper" for more than 6 months, toss it! If it’s damaged beyond repair, let it go...

Clothes don't fit? Maybe you're a little bigger now than you were when you bought those jeans 8 years ago? Don’t beat yourself up. Keep the clothes that make you feel good about yourself right now. If you like to have that motivational pair of jeans around just in case, keep one or two things. A closet full of clothes that are too small will only create decrease your confidence when getting ready!

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Closet Rules: 
Set your own or use these. We don't love rules, but sometimes we have to be stern with ourselves. :) 
Sweaters — Fold them, do not hang them, so they don’t lose their shape. If storing longer than 6 months, use cedar.
Tops — Hang them, even the t-shirts. We have found hanging tops are worn more often than folded. 
Dresses — Do not leave your dresses in the dry cleaning bags because it can damage the fibers. Organize by length. This is usually the first decision made when deciding what dress to wear. 
Jewelry — More work on the front end, means less work when you get to wear it. Find a jewelry organizer that fits your space. Hang those necklaces!!
Hampers-Find something that works for your space. Get something with a lid, so you know when it is laundry time. Hint: when it will not close. 


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Remember, your closet is the one of your first interactions of the day. It is the foundation for the way you look and feel. Give it some love, and you’ll be loved in return!

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