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With this beautiful sunny weather, all I can think about is sunshine, spritzers, and sundresses. That's right, it's officially sundress season! The forecast is looking bright and I'm gearing up for some much needed outdoor adventures. That means pulling out the sundresses. 

When I look for the perfect sundress, I keep my eye out for three specific criteria. 

1. Flowy - I'm not a woman who spends time in the hot sun and emanates a glittering glisten. I sweat. Flowy, breathable fabrics allow for more air flow to keep me cooler on warm days. This is a must!

2. Comfort - I love to feel both beautiful and comfortable. Why should I have to sacrifice one for the other?! I always look for dresses that feel comfy and look amazing!

3. Versatility - My life can be hectic at times. Balancing my work life and personal life can be hard. I like to find dresses that are versatile and can accommodate any occasion. 


The most recent addition to the my sundress collection is The Kingston Dress. This dress is so perfect for warm weather and is so chic! Plus, it looks amazing with sandals and wedges, so it's great for everything.

What's your favorite sundress this season?! 

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