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One of our favorite-Lauren Genell takes over the blog again today, talking about life, love and keeping things fresh. We LOVE the Montreal Pants on this beauty!

Keeping Up With Appearances

I love dressing to impress and getting "all fixed up." When my husband and I planned a date night recently, I did exactly that. I grabbed a new pair of pants from one of my favorite boutiques, Hazel and Mae, to pair with items that I already own. The Montreal Pants are comfortable and perfect for work or play. And, my husband loves them and thinks I look great in them!

I truly take joy in getting "dressed up." When Dan and I first started dating, I would buy a brand new outfit for every occasion. Every monthiversary, every holiday, every exciting date, etc. called for new threads to impress my suitor. After awhile, I started to realize that my wardrobe contained several pieces that I had only worn once and never really expected to wear again. Not to mention my wallet was suffering from the constant drain. 

Recently, I read a fantastic book which I highly recommend. For Women Only, by Shaunti Feldhahn, gives women an insiders look into the inner lives of men. It offers insight into men's thoughts, actions and tendencies based on personal interviews and a national survey. Shaunti spends an entire chapter focusing on, why what's on the outside matters to him on the inside. I wasn't necessarily surprised by the findings I read in the chapter. Although it can tend to be viewed as superficial, the truth remains that putting effort into our appearance, as women, is extremely important to the men in our lives.


With that said, I don't just get dressed up for the purpose of impressing my husband, nor does he ever expect that of me. In my opinion, confidence is exudes beauty. There are plenty of ways to continuously be building my personal confidence when it comes to appearance. I spend time and effort working out and eating healthy to stay fit. I also invest in products that make me feel attractive, like my lipstick for life. Appearance is one thing, but I think the most important thing is feeling confident in who you are.  What makes you feel confident and beautiful?

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