Feeling Lucky? St. Patty's Day is around the Corner

The days are getting longer and the tulips are in full bloom. All this means St. Patty's Day is just around the corner! Maybe it's the green beer; maybe it's the day drinking; or maybe it's just everyone being so darn happy to be heading into Spring, but St. Patty is one of my favorite holidays of the year!

As fun as it is to celebrate St. Patty's in your home city, sometimes it's the perfect excuse for a Spring weekend getaway. This year March 17th falls on a Saturday, so you can guarantee the festivities will be plentiful & vibrant!

On today's blog we are featuring our favorite travel destinations to celebrate like an Irish(wo)man!

  1. Dublin: If you really want to celebrate like an Irish(wo)man, then what better place to be than in Ireland! Landmarks like the Guinness Storehouse and the Old Jameson Distillery are great for celebrating Irish history with a traditional drink, but without the downfalls of a packed and noisy bar. You can learn about the mythology and folklore of Ireland at the National Leprechaun Museum, or grab an authentic Irish meal at the 218-year-old Johnnie Fox’s Pub on the outskirts of the city. Each night the pub hosts traditional Irish dancers with local musicians, making it a true Irish experience.
  2. Chicago: Irish taverns are bustling, joyful people are singing and dancing in the street, and even the Chicago River sparkles a brilliant shade of emerald green. If you're staying downtown and don't mind a crowd The Loop boasts a variety of of Irish pubs within (or just outside of) its borders.  One of these is Fado Irish Pub, a chain that hosts one of the biggest St. Paddy’s Day parties in the city.  Nearby O’Callaghan’s will have a similarly large party and crowd. Poag Mahone’s, on Jackson, will offer live entertainment from an Irish band.
  3. Boston, MA: As the country’s most Irish-American city, Boston is one of the best places to be for St. Patrick’s Day. Visitors can grab a drink or some corned beef and cabbage at the local Irish pubs, hop on a bar crawl, catch The Dropkick Murphys perform, or take a guided walking trail along the Boston Irish Heritage Trail.
  4. Savannah, Georgia: While Savannah is renowned for its themed tours, oak trees, busy river scene, and beautifully-preserved historic homes, this Southeast city comes alive around St. Patrick’s Day. It boasts one of the largest parades in the country. Each year, thousands of people flood the cobblestone streets of downtown Savannah for a weekend of delicious food, festive drinks, and plenty of green fun.

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